FutureForce Action Network

All South Waikato Employers:  WE WANT YOU!

Join us for the launch of


-  Strategies to guide, develop & retain youth

-  Grow your own workforce

- Future-proof your business

-  Refreshments provided

5.15pm - 7pm.


Join these local companies -

 * Basil Foy & Daniel Sneddon (Farmers)  * Blue Pacific Minerals  * Fonterra  * Mercury  * South Waikato District Council  * Hancock's Forestry Management  *  South Waikato Precision Engineering  * Waratah  * Tokoroa Medical Centre  * Bunnings  * Graham Brown and Co Ltd  * BNZ  * SGS-IVE 


Event Date/Time   Feb 26, 2020 5:15 pm
Organisation   FutureForce Action Network
Venue   South Waikato Sports Centre 25 Mossop Road Tokoroa
Contact   sally@smartwaikato.co.nz
Email   sally@smartwaikato.co.nz
Entry Fees   Free Entry

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